Go from zombie to sparkly with this 5 minute morning meridian tapping technique

I need all the help I can get to roll out of bed, and then roll up and face the day with a smile and a sparkly disposition. (Granted, I don’t think anybody would describe me as having a ‘sparkly disposition’, but you know what I mean.)

Meridian tapping is a technique from Tai Chi. It’s based on the same kinds of principles of the energy body as Ayurveda, having emerged from the same lineage centuries ago, but they have a different map of the energy channels.

The idea is that you hit vigourously tap your face and body to ‘wake up’ the energy channels and help things flow. Kind of like when you smack a carpet outside to shake the dust off, gives it a bit more oomph.

This is a 5 minute condensed version that I do when I really feel like I’m rushing. (Which means i really need it!)

The bonus is you get to see my glorious grumpy morning self turn into a goofy Tarzan. The Tarzan bit is my favourite.


I am certainly no expert and was only recently taught this technique by my teacher Sahaj, but it has very quickly become indispensable to my day.

As a side note – guys, can you believe I made a YouTube video? I mean, what the hell? I’ve been on YouTube for years but never posted anything. Totally spontaneous, started as a video to share with my dear mom (Hi Mom!) (Yup, I’m totally cool like that). Much more useful that trying to explain it, though let me know if you have questions.